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Making Trails - How Our Transport Works

One of the reasons for our success is our M.A.M.A.S on the Move Transport (M.O.M.T.) which provides transportation for our dogs from the shelter to their final destinations in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. This caravan of selfless volunteers load up and drive the pups in their own cars, at their own expense for approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours and then hand off their furry passengers to the next set of drivers. This journey starts bright and early Saturday morning at 7am and continues all day, with a sleepover Saturday night with volunteers in the Virginia/Baltimore areas and continues again Sunday morning for those pups that are heading as far North as Maine. The transport runs every two weeks like clockwork with a monitor to keep the communication flowing on when drivers are arriving and how the pups are doing. This amazing group of volunteers transport about 650 pups a year to their better story!

The organization of the transport could never happen without the fabulous team of volunteer coordinators to pull the details together. The Google Doc Manager, Michele creates a rough draft of the transport, listing all the dogs being transported stops that are needed. The M.O.M.T. State Coordinators then start to fill each of their areas with volunteers by promoting on Facebook and sending out emails. And once they volunteer to drive, signs them up and assigns their furry passengers. Suzanne oversees South Carolina, Tiffany manages N.C. and recruits the monitors for each transport, Melissa fills the Virginia legs, Freya coordinates the overnights and Maryland legs and Donna, Dean and Nicole manage the driving legs on Sunday. Putting together the Final Run sheet with all of its many details is a group effort and is no small task! There are changes, additions and tons of communication with M.A.M.A.S. staff right up until Friday night to make sure every small detail is included so each transport is successful.

Volunteers are rewarded with puppy kisses, tail wags and pictures of their furry passengers when they are finally home! It truly does take a village. Moving the dogs out of the shelter up on transport allows for space for more dogs who need help and a second chance. Put simply transport saves lives. All these pups need, is a ride! People who are interested in finding out more about helping M.O.M.T. can contact Emily



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