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Help with Adoptions
Touching hearts, one paw at a time!

Being a part of finding a dog or puppy a forever home is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.  To know that you were instrumental in changing that dogs life forever is the epitome of everything we strive for in rescue.  That time when all things culminate for that dog.  You are that dogs savior, fairy Godparent, hero.  And, the fees we get from the adoptions we place are a huge part in bridging the gap between our county funding and what we need to operate as we do.  We explain it like this --- it is a way for those "fair haired children" (dogs) to give back to their less fortunate brethren.  And that is what they do!  As a coordinator assistant, you will pre-screen applications and check references, as well as send out preliminary documentation.  As a coordinator, you will have a hands on relationship with the applicant, determining if this person or family is the right match for a particular dog, and guiding them the rest of the way through the adoption process right up until that magical day when dog meets family and beyond.

Another important role pertaining to adoptions is to do virtual home visits.  This ensures that our pups are going homes where they are safe and secure and it is the last opportunity to see potential issues that could affect the adoption.

And last - before any of this can take place, our pups need to be posted on Petfinder where they can be promoted.  If you love playing around with pictures, editing, jazzing them up so they look their very best, you could be our next Petfinder poster!!!

If you enjoy working with the public, talking about rescue and the mission, and of course, LOVE dogs and want to be a direct part of saving a life - then being a part of the adoption team may be your nitch!  To become a part of the adoption team by

  • Being an assistant

  • Being a Coordinator

  • Helping with Virtual Home Visits

  • Help with Petfinder postings

Email Bob for more information about how you can help with adoptions at:

Richie adopted with new human brothers
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