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Our Adoption Process
Touching hearts, one paw at a time!

We are matchmakers at heart - just with dogs and puppies. Ready to apply?

Woman at computer

Step 1- Submit an Application

Once you have decided to adopt a dog from M.A.M.A.S., please submit an online application to the M.A.M.A.S. Adoption Coordinator team. They'll review your application and reach back out to you to discuss your application and the dog you are interested in, if it appears you may be a good match.  Careful consideration is taken for each application so please make sure you are ready to move forward with adoption if selected.

Woman on video call

Step 2 - Interview Process

Your M.A.M.A.S. adoption coordinator is your concierge through the adoption process. They'll spend quality time to find out more about you and answer your questions regarding the dog and our requirements.  The full process includes the application, vet reference & a virtual home visit.

We ARE particular - we want to make sure everyone is happy and our dogs have forever homes.

Puppy in car carrier

Step 3 - Getting Your Dog Home

Did you know that your new M.A.M.A.S. pup gets a chauffeured trip to a location nearest you so you can pick them up? Our transport runs every other weekend and brings your new family member up the I-95 corridor to their new lives. Transport days are the best!

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