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Microchip Information
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Registering your pet with a microchip registry is easy and extremely important. 

A registered microchip will assist in reuniting you and your best friend if they become lost.  We have microchipped your family member but that is only the first step in keeping them safe.  Please be sure to confirm the microchip number with your veterinarian and register the microchip number with the microchip company. You should retain the microchip number and where you have  it registered, so that you can update the contact information as needed. Additionally, your veterinarian should add the microchip number to your pet’s record. Some registries are free, while others have one-time or yearly fees. We suggest registering in multiple registries as many facilities use different services and microchip scanners. Remember, the microchip only contains a scannable number that allows the number to be looked up in a registry, which will provide your contact information needed to identify and assist in reclaiming your furry friend.

Microchip Information

An article about microchips that we found interesting and informative:

Microchips Links

This link below will tell you where the microchip is registered. The registry is who the person that scanned your animal would contact if your pet is found.  It does not usually directly provide the owner’s contact information.

Currently, these companies are incorporated into the tool:


· 24PetWatch Pet Protection Services  

· 911PetChip & Free Pet Chip Registry 

· ACA MARRS - Microchip Animal Rapid Recovery Services

· AKC Reunite


· BC Pet Registry

· BeKind PetFind

· Buddy ID

· Fi - (Maker of Fi GPS Collars)

· Found Animals - (The Found Animals Registry® has been adopted by 24Petwatch®)

· Furreka

· HomeAgain

· Homeward Bound Pet

· Microchip Solutions

· Microchip I.D. Systems

· Nanochip ID Inc (Fetch ID) - (Microchip mainly used by M.A.M.A.S.)

· National Animal Identification Center

· Peeva

· PetKey

· PetLink

· Petstablished

· Save This Life

· SmartTag Microchip

Other Free Registry Links

Free Image Recognition Searching Registry

Petco Love Lost is free and uses image recognition software to identify lost and found pets.

petco love lost_edited.png
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