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Gail Posey - Board

Gail Posey

Board Member

Gail Posey, daughter of Mary Ann Morris (MAMAS namesake) is a lifelong resident of Bamberg County.  For the past 15 years Gail has lived and operated a private shelter in Olar, SC, concentrating on dogs who are not considered to be adoptable.  Gail has been rescuing animals since she was a young girl, and can now frequently be found assisting her community by providing shelter and food for dogs belonging to needy families.  It doesn’t stop with dogs, but virtually any animal in need from dogs to horses to pigs.  Gail’s name is a household word in Olar and she is the go-to person when it comes to needing help with animals.  She is married to David Posey and has two grown children, one granddaughter, and four personal dogs, plus another twelve in the shelter.

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