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Ruthie Rish - Board

Ruthie Rish

Executive Director

Ruthie Rish has been involved with the shelter since 2007, after visiting with Bob Spinazzola, a fellow board member, and seeing the great need.  She started as a volunteer and now is the shelter’s Director of Operations, Rescue Coordinator, and current President of the Board.

Ruthie has seen many improvements to the shelter throughout the years – all for the good, but is saddened by the few changes the community has had with regards to responsible pet ownership.  She hopes to see bigger strides in this area in the future.

In her spare time, Ruthie enjoys spending time with her two children, Michael and Cam; her two horses, Tonka and Toast; four dogs – Mikey, Ray, Blake and Belle – all adopted from the shelter, and two cats – Buddy and Sunny.

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