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Dog Supplies Wish List

Things that we commonly need for the dogs at the shelter or on transport.



Collars of all shapes and sizes. A matching leash really helps save us time and make our dogs look sharp when they leave.

Rope Dog Toy

Rugged Toys

Tougher and rugged toys for outdoor play.

Dotted Dog Beds

Dog Beds

Dog beds are great but please check to see how our supply is.

Dog Harness


Harnesses for the small & large. Especially, sturdy ones for larger dogs that may be tethered on transport. 

Doggie Tiger Toy

Plush and Squeaker Toys

Who doesn't love a good soft squeaker toy?


Dog Cots

Dog cots are  important, because no one wants to sleep on the concrete. Good cots from are longest lasting

Tangled mess of leashes


Leashes- We love matched sets, but a good leash is very important.

Dog Sweater Gray

Dog Sweaters

Dog Sweaters are great to keep our dogs warm on the cool nights but please check to see how our supply is.

Dog Food

Dog Food

While premium food is great, it may actually be too rich for the dogs and pupppies at the shelter. A good balance food is important but some premium foods may upset their tummies.  Canned food is great for putting weight on those who need it.

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