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Get Involved

Volunteers are our life blood and best friends! There are so many ways for you to get involved!


Every other weekend, a very special group of volunteers give up a few hours and help drive our dogs and pups north to new homes. We have established transport legs from Columbia, SC to Buffalo, NY and beyond. Without these team, we'd not be able to save as many lives as we do. Want to join our merry band?

Sponsor a friend


Foster families and individuals are an extension of our rescue program! Every house that opens its arms to take in a dog, frees up room for us to bring one more dog into the shelter. It's a commitment, a lifeline and the hardest thing you'll love to do. We always need more fosters! 

Other Volunteer Opportunities

We have lots of opportunities to help the little shelter that could!



Raising money is a big thing. A really big thing. Most of our operating budget comes from donations. Wanna help?


Transport Monitors

Our transport team depends on our monitors to keep the transport running smoothly. We can always use a few more people to help keep us going!



Getting grants is a great way to supplement our budget! Join our grants team to make it happen!


Special Events

Holidays, our calendar contest, special events, and our MAMAS auction could all use more people to help! 


Data Adminstration

We keep records. Lots and lots of records. And we could use some help keeping us up to date. 



If you have a penchant for works, think about joining our newsletter team. Keep our current adopters up-to-date on the MAMAS news and contribute to our blog!

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